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Facebook to limit the number of ads a page can run in 2020

November 11, 2019


“In mid-2020, we are implementing a limit on the number of ads each Page can run at the same time. The ad limits will impact just a small percentage of advertisers, and we plan to share more details about the limits early next year.”


Facebook has announced that it will soon implement limits on how many ads a Page can run at any time.

via Social Media Today

          Facebook limit ads in 2020
        Right, so most of you are finally getting the hang of setting up Facebook ads for your business, and now Facebook decides to throw us a curveball in 2020! ?
        Seriously Facebook?! ?‍♀️
          And here I was, thinking that Facebook just wanted to make more money out of us! ?
              So according to Facebook:

          “We’re implementing ad limits because very high ad volume can hinder an advertiser’s performance. With too many ads running at the same time, fewer ads exit the learning phase and more budget is spent before the delivery system can optimize an ad’s performance.” 

          Read the full article over at Social Media Today –  https://www.socialmediatoday.com/news/facebook-will-implement-limits-on-how-many-ads-a-page-can-run-in-2020/566605/


            Let me know what your thoughts are about this in the comments below.


            Michelle xx


            If you’re still struggling to figure out how the ad platforms work for Facebook / Twitter / Instagram etc, give me a shout and we schedule a chat! 

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