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New Response Graph for Live Facebook Content coming soon

Facebook Live was launched in August last year, in response to the growing hype around live-streaming apps. It was initially only made available to celebrities, but by December it was made available to all users and has since been gaining momentum really fast.

In April, Facebook rolled out a whole range of new options for Live, including on screen ‘Reactions’ which bounce across the screen as you broadcast to show you how viewers are responding to your content, live filters to help customize your stream, and a new dedicated place within the Facebook app to help users discover Live content.

According to TechCrunch and Social Media Today, Facebook is rolling out new features that’ll show you the collective responses to a Live video on a graph, which will appear whenever you go to fast-forward a replay.

This means that Facebook’s newest feature could fundamentally change how you watch video. Until now, you either sat through a video until it got too boring, waited for the interesting part or fast-forwarded hoping to spy something worth seeing. But now for clips that weren’t immediately exciting, especially monologues or selfie-streams where the action was in the audio, it was tough to tell if a video deserved your time.

Image via Techcrunch
Image via TechCrunch

So this makes it very easy to see where all the reactions (the best bits) are and you can simply scroll there to watch and save you from sitting through all the boring parts.

image via Social Media Today
image via Social Media Today

As you can see in the above screenshot, the graph shows peaks in Reaction levels throughout the video. The chart is an accumulation of reactions and comments made during the stream. From this, the viewer will be able to skip to the parts of most interest, which is another way for Facebook to help filter the noise of live-streaming content and help users experience the best of what Live has to offer.

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