Today and tomorrow (Valentine’s Day) you will be flooded by stories of love, romance and couples in love… alternatively it would be filled with sarcasm, depressing single person quotes, or ‘who-needs-a-man’ articles!

Facebook will be attempting to brighten up your day on 14 February with their very own Facebook Cards…uhm, replacing Hallmark now, are we Facebook? 


Love is in the air, and Facebook wants its users to share that love for Valentine’s Day.

The social network said in an email to Social Pro Daily that starting Feb. 13, users will see messages atop their News Feeds wishing them a happy Valentine’s Day and encouraging them to share cards with their friends.

Clicking on the card will enable users to choose from a group of custom-designed cards and share them on their Timelines or their friends’ Timelines.

Check out the FBValentinesDay video showing the Valentine’s Cards from SocialTimes on Vimeo

What do you think? Will you send your loved ones a Facebook Valentine’s Card?

Facebook, Valentine’s Day and your News Feed
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