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Instagram Analytics are on the way!

Instagram has always been an attractive social media platform, but has fallen short of Twitter and Facebook in terms of feedback. This makes it difficult to use as a viable marketing tool as there is not much to go on in terms of insights or analytics. Facebook and Twitter both provide valuable feedback on how […]

New Response Graph for Live Facebook Content coming soon

Facebook Live was launched in August last year, in response to the growing hype around live-streaming apps. It was initially only made available to celebrities, but by December it was made available to all users and has since been gaining momentum really fast. In April, Facebook rolled out a whole range of new options for Live, including […]

5 Reasons to Have Social Media for Your Brand

So many small to medium sized businesses are still not taking advantage of connecting with their customers on social media. Let’s face it, most of them are there, why not join the conversation? 1.Social media has the biggest population on earth That’s right! If Facebook was a country it would have the highest population by […]

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